You simply can’t live healthy in Ontario.

Or at least that’s what the guy riding his bike beside me in the group said.

Then we kept talking and a bunch more can’t came up.

The real world isn’t a place, it’s an excuse. It’s a justification for not trying. It has nothing to do with you. – Rework

The can’ters

Starting and running a successful business is a lot of hard work. You need to stick with hard times and keep going.

There are going to be a lot of people around you that use the work “can’t”.

They will tell you that you won’t succeed and that your ideas are dumb and you should just jump back in with the other corporate fish and swim the same way.

What they’re really saying is that they can’t concieve of it and aren’t willing to do the hard work anyway.

They can’t do it because they’re not willing to give up TV hours at night and read about how to run a business.

They can’t do it because they’re not willing to set a business (and personal) budget and deny themselves instant purchases.

They can’t do it because they’re not going to save money for taxes plus 5% so that they’re prepared for taxes.

They just can’t.

Don’t listen to the can’ters. Set up a solid plan for your business.

Stick to it.

Then reap the rewards of ignoring them.

They’ll still be swimming with everyone else while you continue to prove them wrong.