Watch twitter for a day or so and you’re going to see a comment like this come across.

You don’t miss your work? That’s a problem.

I like…

Sure I like vacation, though simply sitting on a beach isn’t my thing. I love to hike and get away from any hope of a digital connection.

I’m also super excited to get back to my office and get some work done.

I have awesome clients[1] that pay me to work on interesting problems. Lots of times I’ve been thinking about the problem on my own time since it’s just interesting.

So even when hiking or on the beach or riding my bike it’s not uncommon for me to think about my work and keep working through a problem.

Stop Dreaming

Seriously, stop dreaming about your ideal life and start making it happen.

The only person to blame stares at you in the mirror every day. You haven’t set yourself up for success.

I work hard to find the right clients so that I can:

Sit in Starbucks and write at least once a week.

Ride my bike 99% of every Friday afternoon for the last 2 years and take off early on Wednesday to ride my bike.

This attitude is stupid and is going to change nothing except help make you a bitter person because there is a better life out there that didn’t just fall in to your lap.

Stop it and grow up.

  1. I have awesome clients because I work hard to make sure that I only work with awesome clients. I can say no to lots of ‘good’ clients with money, because I saved a bunch of money and keep saving.  ↩

photo credit: matijagrguric cc