It’s time for the recap of my reading in August. I’ve been really into fiction lately so there are 3 Omnibus books and only 2 business books (yeah that’s still like 10 books total in August).

If you want to see some of the other installments in my monthly reading scroll to the end of this post.

1. To Sell is Human

This is a great book by Daniel Pink all about ‘selling’. Sales is a business we’re all in and is really about moving people. You move your spouse or partner (or they move you) till you have a common view on a topic like spending.

You move your boss to devote resources to your project.

You move your employees to do quality work even when you aren’t watching them.

To Sell is Human goes deep (lots of scientific studies cited) on what the sales landscape looks like now. It offers lots of practical advice and I highly recommend reading it.

2. Wool Omnibus edition

Wool is about a near future where people live underground in ‘silos’. Every so often someone gets sent out to ‘clean’, which is a death sentence since the world above is dead.

The ‘clean’ part is when they literally clean the cameras showing the outside world and it’s devastation.

Overall Wool was a great read and the twists and turns are awesome as you start to piece the real ‘whole’ story together.

3. Shift Omnibus

Shift is the 2nd set of books following after Wool. It fills in WHY people are in the silos and introduces us to more of what looks like control mechanisms for the whole population.

I don’t want to give out spoilers, but lets just say that there is more control than you originally thought.

4. Dust

Dust finishes off the story with some green and blue. People get out of silos and some of the control mechanisms are dealt with. Again, trying to avoid spoilers.

Overall I absolutely would recommend reading the whole set of Wool books. I read them all in a week and it was totally a week well spent. I will read them again for sure.

5. See You at the Top

I wrote a longer review of See You at the Top so you can head over there for a more in-depth look at the book. Overall there is a bunch of great stuff to get out of the book, but you’re going to need to overlook many outdated thoughts about marriage and communism among other things.

You’re also going to need to skip past a few rants on both of the above topics.