This September was a lot of fiction and a bit of self-improvement/interesting f reading.

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By the well known Malcolm Gladwell, Blink is about our powers of rapid cognition, or how we make snap judgments.

This is my second read and it was just as interesting as the first read. Not a huge amount you can apply or practice in your day to day business, but certainly piques the interest to find ways to prove your thin slicing.

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

Yes I read all 13 of the books this month. They’re written for younger readers, so they were easy reads.

The first four feel pretty formulaic but the rest start to dig in to greater events and a longer story line.

Some people didn’t like the end, but I wasn’t one.

I won’t give it away except to say that Lemony gives away the ending in the intro of every book.

I hope to get to read all of them to my kids one day.

Without Remorse

I finished the month (well it was actually after midnight so it was October I guess) by reading one of the books I’ve read a few times.

Yup it’s predictable and during this read there seems to be a huge push to ‘honor’ and stuff (please don’t mistake me, I truly do value our troops and support them fully, just maybe not the decisions that sent them somewhere).

I still enjoyed it, but the long talks about how ‘elite’ troops feel as they pass other troops they don’t know wore on me a bit.

I’ll wait longer next time before I read about John Kelly (John Clark) and his escapades getting revenge for the killing of his girlfriend.