Today I’m excited to offer you the opportunity to work with me personally to ensure you start your 2015 off right. Last week I talked about the three areas you’ve got to get right when you’re starting your business. These are also the three areas MOST freelancers or small teams get it wrong.

  1. You’re stuck trading dollars for hours and can’t figure out how to scale to charging what you’re worth.
  2. Your clients are left wondering about the details of your process, and because of that, get in the way during your proejct.
  3. You don’t know who your ideal client is in the first place, so you’re left trying to just get the next paying gig instead of strategically pursuing partnerships with your dream client.

In my new course, Hope is not a strategy, I will help you stop making mistakes in each of these areas and finally move your business forward. You’ll get my new e-book, and also access to six video interviews with experts in each of the areas above.

I’ll talk with:

  1. Kirk Bowman of Art of Value about how to find and show value to your clients, allowing you to double or triple your current rates
  2. Angie Meeker about how you market to your target audience properly
  3. Travis Northcutt and I will do a live workshop on his client on boarding process for Bright Agency so we can improve yours

The other three webinars will be with me personally, working on YOUR questions on value, client vetting, and marketing.

Registration is limited so I can give individual attention to each person who registers – I want you to be wildly successful in 2015. Get your space now for: Hope is not a Strategy.