I wrote yesterday about your screw up not being your client’s fault.

I told you about my screw up and what I did to make it better for the client.

But I didn’t tell you my guiding principle to running my business did I?

How do I think you should treat clients at every interaction?

How do I decide to treat my contractors with every interaction?

Everything is awesome


I do my best at every point to interact with others through my business and make them feel awesome.

I want them to be blown away with my generosity in gifts.

I want any contractors I hire to tell me they’ve never been paid that fast.

When my client paid an invoice they were not expecting and hadn’t agreed was needed I wanted them to say “wow he empowered us to have the payment discussion on a level playing field, I didn’t expect that”.

All you’ve got is your reputation so make sure it’s one where people think you are awesome

photo credit: gerrysnaps cc