There are a few reasons I write here.


Helping others run better businesses and make more money is a good reason. I do love seeing others win and love knowing I’m a small part of someone having success.


Another great reason is that writing here helps establish my expertise.

This is a long term good thing as I plan to open a few paid Mastermind groups and some paid coaching spots.

To fill those I need people that think I can help them run a better business.

If you want to get in on some of those coaching spots get on my email list to hear about them first


The real long term reason I started writing is that it makes me better at running my own business.

I’m forced to think harder about a problem then I would if I didn’t have to explain it.

Then I have a more profitable consulting business because I’m simply better at running a business.


I coach one person for free for the same reason.

Their questions challenge me with a situation that is a bit different from my own.

The answers that worked for me may not work for the person I coach.

So I need to go back to the principles and come up with new applications. Maybe I need to throw out the principles and get new ones.

Again that helps me run a better business while it helps someone else succeed.


Obviously you read blogs since you’re reading this.

That’s one level of learning for you.

Do you write about what you learn?

Do you pass on your new found knowledge to someone who’s a few steps behind you?

If not then you’re leaving some huge opportunities for making yourself better on the table.

Take every opportunity to learn and you’re going to go further.

photo credit: kalexanderson cc