Have you bought a course that’s going to help you learn to run a more effective business?

Maybe you bought Book Yourself Solid. Maybe you even read it.

Lots of good stuff in that book.

Do you have a business coach? I’m sure they have lots of good suggestions and make you think hard about your business.

But have you done any of the work?



The first 2 times I read Book Yourself Solid I saw how awesome it was but I didn’t actually answer the questions in the book.

So nothing changed much for me.

I still didn’t have a lot of focus.

I still didn’t have a ‘velvet rope policy’, in Michael Port’s words.

But I had a bunch of good theories about how to run a business.

Theories suck

Theories are totally useless to you. They serve no valid purpose on their own.

What makes a theory actually worthwhile is testing it.

Test your theory and see what works.

Then find a problem and fix it.

So when you read Book Yourself Solid, or purchase your next course on running a business don’t just read the material.

Don’t just let it sit.

Do the work.

Or stop wasting your money on courses you’re never going to do.

Nothing will change if you don’t do the work.

photo credit: kalexanderson cc