It’s been a few weeks since I talked about client calls. So far I’ve covered:

  1. Why you shouldn’t psych yourself up for a client call
  2. Why taking that client call is probably a bad idea
  3. Why I do take that client call

Today I want to offer an alternative to my ‘polite no’ email from the 2nd post above.

Why not polite no?

So why on earth would I kill more time on a client that doesn’t have the money currently, or isn’t a good timeline match by sending anything other than a polite no?

Someday that client may fit with you and you want to make sure that you’re still considered an awesome option by them.

Specifically with the client I was talking to, I simply didn’t have a good option to refer them to.

My normal recommendations

WP Site Care – they are awesome at handling the maintenance your clients need and taking care of SEO, backups…a bunch of stuff I just don’t want to do.

Grow Development – Run by Daniel Espinoza, Grow Development is a killer place to go for custom eCommerce plugins. I do that too, but some just fit Daniel and his team better. Payment/shipping gateway integrations I just send his way.

Zao – Run by Justin Sainton (lead dev of WP eCommerce) Zao actually works in all the WordPress eCommerce platforms. Justin has been at this for years and can build anything you need. When it’s not something I’m interested in I always ping Justin to see if he’s interested.

But in all that I still didn’t have a good recommendation for that client than had $1000 for an eCommere site. Then Cliff Seal reached out about Evermore.


I won’t dig in deep to Evermore because Post Status and Chris Lema have done a great job telling you all about it.

The short version is that Evermore is a great turn key WordPress solution. Think SquareSpace but WordPress.

So the next time I get that email for a $1000 eCommerce site I’m sending them to Evermore since that client will be in great hands.

photo credit: casaperlanonviolenza cc