You’ve got ideas, right? You’ve got big plans for that big thing you’d like to create or launch, and you’ve already stopped lying to yourself about your time. So what’s holding you back now? What’s the reason you haven’t yet followed through on that big idea?

Maybe this new idea requires capital and you don’t have the money yet to get it going.

But maybe it’s time for you to act. I understand the concept of too many ideas, too little time. I’ve got 2 kids and a house to take care of, and we’re working to get our house ready for sale. I know what it’s like to consider your big win for the day to be that the kitchen doesn’t look like it exploded by the time you go to bed.

The maybes

Maybe if you had more money….maybe if you had a new car that didn’t require so much maintenance…..maybe when the kids are older. The truth is, we’ve all got maybes.

I was talking to a freelancer last week who wants to put out as much content as I do, because they have some awesome stuff to share.

I think they even have more time than me with no kids at all, but this person still hasn’t gotten down to the job of writing on a regular basis.

They say it’s important, so what is the holdup?


Here’s the thing: It’s easy to be successful in your dreams.

In October 2014 I launched a course to help people have an awesome 2015 with their business — and no one bought it.

I got some nice emails from people saying how sorry they were that they couldn’t purchase the course right then, and yes, I know what it’s like for every appliance in your house to break, right when Christmas is looming, and you have nothing to spend on anything (my 2013).

People who saw the course material loved it and felt that the guide alone helped them improve their pricing.

But no one bought the course, so I suppose you could say it ‘failed’ and you all got to witness it. After that I had 2 real choices.

  1. Hide in my failure and walk away from this writing about business thing (dramatic, I know).
  2. Learn from it and plan something new.

Of course I’m picking Option 2 and already working on another course/product for 2015 (jump on my email list to find out about it early).

Last year, back when I had nothing more than a great idea in my head and a healthy dose of positive feedback, I could have stopped there, kept the content to myself and lived with a successful course in my head. I would never have had to face the failure of a launch.

I wouldn’t have had to risk anything.

I love that you’re scared, and so do others

The best thing about other people allowing success to occur only in their imaginations but not testing their ideas in the market is that I am testing my ideas, therefore they aren’t competing with me.

Is that you?

You’re not working on content for your business site to attract customers.

You’re not writing consistently, giving business advice.

You’re not really doing much more than talking and ‘winning’ in your head.

You keep talking, I’ll keep trying, and in a few years we’ll see who has gone further.

But really, I’d rather learn from you. So I not only encourage, but I challenge you to hit publish and risk something. You’re going to go further and I’ll get to ride along with you as you share.

photo credit: kwl cc