You’ve heard about my client vetting process before. One reason I’m so rigorous on my client vetting is that I want to have fun with my clients.

If you aren’t having some fun, you might wonder what you are doing in your business life. Laughter and good humor are the canaries in the mine of commerce. If employees, customers, and vendors don’t laugh and have a good time at your company, something is wrong – Growing a Business

Really, what’s the point to running a business if it’s no fun?

Sure people need to eat, but why take on all the extra stress of running the business instead of just being an employee if you don’t like the work?

Ask yourself when the last time was that you laughed with a client.

When was the last time you got working then realized how late the hour was, because the time had flown by?

If it’s been a while, step back and see where you really are. Is it anywhere near where you want to be?

photo credit: blackzack00 cc