Yesterday I gave you a bunch of prompts to prime your writing pump. I could come up with another 100, and while that would help you, it still wouldn’t really give you my ‘secret’ to writing.

My secret is start reading — and not just blogs, but full books.

So many of my posts start with a thought or a quote from a book I’m reading. If you see a quote in a post it’s likely that I was reading and that particular part of the text inspired a new blog topic (so I wrote it down, of course).

Don’t keep up with me

It’s not uncommon for me to read 6-10 books in a month but you don’t have to read that much to get inspired.

All you need is one sentence that makes you think. Once sentence that you disagree with, or have a different take on.

Write out your thoughts on it and share them with the world. The work of writing it out will not only refine your thoughts, it will refine the thoughts of others.