Yeah that’s right, you want to have some of your customers complain. Otherwise, how on Earth are you going to figure out what you’re doing wrong?

If all you hear is how awesome you are then you’re never going to get better. You should never feel you’re at your best — always consider that there’s room to grow and improve.

No matter how long you’ve been at your craft, you can always be better. There is always something new to learn. There’s almost always room to refine and improve your skills. As you learn, grow, and get better, the end result is that you can treat your clients better and bring them more value.

Don’t shy away from customer complaints. Embrace them and dig in. Find the root problem and figure out how to solve it so the complaint goes away.

Don’t construct onerous systems designed to shield you from complainers — make it easy for your clients to complain (or give you constructive feedback).

Don’t run away from the complaints. Invite them in, and use them to help you grow.

photo credit: clement127 cc