You need to get clients and I need to get clients. We need this because we have bills to pay and new fancy things that we need to buy (well that’s what I tell my spouse). In order to get clients, and pay our bills, and be able to buy stuff, we have to sell.

We are sales people.

What exactly are you selling, though?

Dreaming of Code

Unfortunately, many of you are selling lines of code written or PSDs delivered. If you write content then you may be selling words on a page, or pages of content.

But if that’s what you’re doing, you’re selling the wrong thing.

Your clients don’t really want code or PSDs or pages of content. At least that’s not what the truly awesome clients want. What they want is…a dream.

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They dream of a website that works really well because the developer was detailed and built an awesome system. This site sells well because it’s so fast.

This same site had a designer that sold a cutting-edge design that was beautiful without just being crazy.

The content person wrote well-converting copy that suited the business.

All of the people that worked on the site contributed to the real thing they sold — and that was the dream. The dream of a site that made a business more money.

The dream of a business that was more stable.

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They dreamed of a contractor that replied to inquiries in a timely manner and didn’t just take off without communicating about the project.

The developer/designer/writer knew this and sold that dream. And because they sold a dream, they were able to make good money providing value.

Are you selling a dream?

photo credit: clement127 cc