Earlier this week we talked about how there will always be one more thing. One more thing to do before the day ends or one more year to work before you really take a vacation.

Next year you’ll really celebrate your anniversary and show your spouse how special they are to you.

Next year you’ll stop working so much and spend more time with your kids.

But if that ‘one more thing’ always gets your attention, at some point there won’t be a relationship with that spouse so you won’t have anyone to tell they’re special. But hey, the next marriage will be different, right?

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Those kids will grow up and not have time for you, but when they’re young they long for your time and attention.

Your choices have consequences which you need to think about now. I’m sure you didn’t go into your marriage planning to neglect it, or have kids planning to not spend time with them.

It’s easy for your attention to get pulled away by things that don’t have lasting value. We all battle the temptation, and that shift in focus will creep up on you through your choices. Choices which, when you’re making them, often appear to serve your kids. More money means more food on the table, a safe car to drive, a new pair of shoes, and even extracurricular activities that will make your kids well rounded. It’s hard to fault someone for working long hours striving for financial goals — or to simply provide well for their family.

Really though, would your kids rather have every gadget out there or more time with you? Is it better for your marriage to have the newest best clothes/car/thing, or to spend time together talking?

The balance is tough to maintain. But in the long run, it’s critical to make good choices.

photo credit: kwl cc