Remember when we talked about selling a dream? Once you get into the habit of selling a dream — as opposed to the actual product or service — your sales process will be so much easier.

Think about it your own purchases. Aren’t your quickest and easiest purchases the ones that give you a picture of a better/more fun life? That shirt you know you look good in is an easy purchase, since you see a future where you look freaking awesome.

Pushing the sale, or pulling?

If you’re not selling a dream, you’re pushing a new prospect to a sale. At each step in the sales process, you keep pushing the sale forward so that it actually happens.

On the other hand, if you successfully cast a vision of the prospect’s dream, that prospect will be pulling you towards the sale. They’ll want to get to that dream, and you are the one to get them there faster.

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Which sounds like an easier sales process — pulling or pushing? Which sales process do you really want used in your business?

The hardest part of ‘pulling’ sales is truly understanding your prospect and their dreams. You have to listen to the prospect, no monologues. You need to engage with them and ask lots of questions so you can understand their dream and can cast that dream in your project plan.

It takes a bit more work up front (as opposed to just emailing a price quote) but doing so will yield clients who are really invested in working with you. Clients that will get the work they need to do done. Clients that you really want to work with and who will send good referrals.

That sounds like a better outcome to me.

photo credit: kalexanderson cc