Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Year (in a few days).

All month we’ve been talking about planning your business. We’ve covered everything from your client vetting process to long-term follow-up marketing with awesome clients. You can see all the content in this series on the sidebar.

I know that all the stuff experienced business owners talked about doing sounded awesome. They sounded like the exact things that I needed to do to really rocket my business to the next level.

But it was hard. I’d intend to market or intend to close down projects in an awesome fashion. I’d even do it for a bit, then life would get in the way.

A project or two would get backed up and I’d end up forgetting to market or I’d close a project without really saying goodbye to a client the right way.

It’s all about systems

The biggest thing that helped me not forget to do these crucial things was to set up systems.

I’ve shared a few of them with you this month, like how I use Contactually. Even when I knew the exact systems that others used successfully I struggled actually getting them set up.

I didn’t struggle because it was hard to set them up, but because I’d get lazy. I had no accountability.

That lack of accountability meant I’d have a furious few weeks of work, then I’d fall off the wagon just as I was really getting the systems set up properly.

Only once I got involved in mastermind groups and hired a coach did I get these systems set up and my business took a huge leap forward into six figures.

I’d love to help you rock 2016

That’s right, I’d love to help you rock 2016. My favourite thing to do is help business owners run the business that suits them so they can live the awesome life they want to live.

In 2016 I’ll be starting mastermind groups and have some spaces opened up in 1-on-1 coaching.

If you want to take your business from so-so income to a solid six figures, get in touch.

I’d love to help.

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