Writing is a muscle. When I started writing — over 1,000 posts ago, on this site alone — I had a poorly developed writing muscle. But by continuing to write and pitch my content to others I got better, and continue to get better. As you read this I’ve published in excess of 70,000 words online this year. I write for publications like Huffington Post, Motivation Grid, and Addicted2Success.

Even with all the practice I’ve had and the feedback I get from my readers I still work hard to improve my writing muscle. Currently I’m working through the Tribe Writers course by Jeff Goins. If you can’t afford a course, begin by having a friend read your posts and offer some critique before you publish. A second set of eyes will help you refine your message and speak to your prospects.

I’m still not going to write

Even if you’re never going to write at all, there are people out there who will write for you. I have someone write my email courses for me based off the content I’ve already written. For some reason I have a terrible mental block when it comes to writing those email courses.

I know a number of other consultants who also have someone write for them. They get on the phone for an hour every few months and talk about the problems they see with their prospects and the writer turns those into outlines for blog posts. Once the outlines are approved the writer does the writing and all you need to do is put the content on your site or submit it to the publications you are trying to get published on. If you need to know who this amazing writer is just ask me.

I’m not going to get someone to write for me

If you’re still making excuses, there is nothing I can do to help you. I presume you’re reading my site because you want to run a better business. If you want that then you’re going to have to do things that require hard work and personal growth in the name of getting that better business.

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Stop and read this, then think about it for a second:

If it’s important you’ll find a way. If it’s not you’ll find an excuse.

Writing is not the only way to market your business. Like I said a few weeks ago, you can podcast or go to meet-ups. These will help you but there is little like the written word to get indexed by search engines and earn you clients for years to come. I have posts out there about WordPress topics that bring me clients worth $20k a year — and have for years — all because I put in the hard work once.

Do something that makes you scared because it’s going to reap rewards for years to come in the form of a business that has more leads than you know what to do with.

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