1 Getting Naked

The biggest takeaway I had was to just ask questions if you don’t know. I do this even in everyday life because there is always someone that doesn’t know. I’ve decided I’m just the person that’s always going to ask.

2 The Price is Right

Best and shortest overview of pricing strategy around. Most people can sit and read this in a weekend.

3 Quitter

I’m sure you want to leave that job, or move on to the next phase in your business now. This book as all about the patience it takes to really launch your idea properly instead of killing it by jumping to early.

Every entrepreneur needs to learn some patience.

4 Boundaries

This is totally not a book about consulting, it’s about being a person that knows which problems they should take on. Clearly that’s an essential skill for consultants. You shouldn’t take on every project. You should be comfortable saying NO to prospects. This will give you tools for that, and for having better relationships all around.

5 Start with WHY

If you don’t have your purpose nailed down, you’re going to burn out when things get tough. You need to know why you do what you do.

6 Effective Client Email

This is my book all about writing good emails and vetting your clients with them. Grab it and start asking better questions of your prospects and earning more because of the questions you ask.

7 Writing Proposals that Win Work

Once you get past the initial prospect communications, you clearly want to win the work. Read this book to learn how to write awesome proposals that win pretty much every time.