There is no mistake today, there is no blog post.

While I did not love the book Pivot (my review will come out in a bit) one great idea in it was to run pilots.

For a while now I’ve looked at my content and wondered if I would read it. I make a point of not reading shorter articles. I subscribe to very few blogs and almost all of them write less than weekly and much longer than 1000 words.

Yet I write twice a week, plus a podcast on Friday. I write primarily around 1000 words with the occasional jump in to something much longer.

I’ve wondered if my furious publishing schedule has harmed the quality I know I’m capable of.

That means from today till at least September you’ll see less on my blog.

I’ll still write reviews of the books I read as I finish them. I’ll still publish those reviews for the next Thursday after they’re finished.

I’ll still be writing daily. I’ll just be focusing much harder on longer pieces.

Pieces like one I’m currently working on that’s around 6000 words and explores how to figure out when it’s time to quit and when you should stick it out with your idea. It also explores how to bring in diverse stimuli to help you be creative but balance that against the deep work time we all need to get creative.

If you’re reading this on the email list, you’ll still get daily emails like you have been 5 days a week. If you’re reading this on the blog, I hope to have the first long post out in a week or two now that I have the time to dig in to it without being pulled away by needing to keep up a weekly schedule.

If you’re not on the email list go subscribe now and you’ll get a short dose of advice 5 days a week that will help you run the business you’ve always dreamed of.

Have an awesome day


photo by: clement127