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The problem isn’t the tool, it’s the user. I can take down a tree with a chainsaw but I can also take off a couple fingers. Whichever one I end up doing, it isn’t the saw’s fault. It’s up to me to use my tools properly. – The Compelling Communicator

This is not the first time I’ve shared my disappointment in the highest ranking post on my site. It’s about using Nozbe or Todoist.

I’ve been told that I should give people more of what they want, task management reviews and comparisons.

I could do that if my goal was more traffic, but it’s not. I don’t care about traffic at all.

I do care about helping people live that life they dreamed of and seems so far away.

Task managers are like that chainsaw above. They can be used well, and they can be used terribly.

The longer I coach people the more I realize that task management applications are part of the problem for most people.

Not project management applications to manage client work, personal task management GTDish apps.

The thing with 99.9% of them is that they get all crufted up with a bunch of things we thought might be cool to do. We have a huge list of things that were interesting on a Thursday 10 months ago.

If it’s been 10 months, it’s not interesting. You’re never going to do it, but it’s easier to keep lying to yourself instead of cutting the task.

That’s why people love to change task management applications. It gives them the authority to say goodbye to all those crappy tasks they were never going to do.

I say forget all the task managers. Get a paper planner. If you run out of room to write down tasks on a day, then you can’t do it all.

Cut the crap. Stop lying to yourself.

The next task management tool or method won’t solve the problem because the problem is still you.

You won’t set boundaries. You can’t say no.

You have to keep track of every little tangent that might maybe possibly sort of be interesting and useful some day.

It won’t be.

Have an awesome day, and be honest with yourself


PS: If you need help cutting the cruft, hit reply and let’s see if you’re a fit for my coaching. I don’t take people that are going to lie to themselves which means most of you don’t qualify. I only take people that are going to do the hard work and face the truth of the life they’ve set up head on.

photo by: jamjar