The assumption that faster communication is better is erroneous.

I don’t check email sometimes for days. I take all the tasks for my clients and move them out into a system my clients never see and then work without seeing any notifications in my project management system.

I don’t answer my phone often.

I don’t respond to text messages.

My laptop is closed in a drawer every night and all weekend.

My phone doesn’t beep unless it’s my wife.

When you ask how I write so much and ship client projects and then publish 11k words on mastering your work you only have to look above for the answer.

Cut the noise, but that’s the diplomatic way to say it.

Cut the crap is better because most of the oh so “important” stuff you can’t give up is only useful for making you feel important.

But it’s only a feeling. The truth is that you’re 99% procrastinating and 1% doing something worthwhile.

Have an awesome day


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photo credit: clement127 cc