We all have goals, unfortunately too often they’re just dreams.

Dreams of having a successful business.

Dreams of dating our spouses.

Dreams of hanging out with our kids.

Dreams of contributing to our community.

Dreams of weighing 10 pounds less and not eating entire boxes of cookies regularly. (That’s me, I’m a cookie monster)

The hard part with so much of this is…accountability.

I’m sitting here at Starbucks and no one would care if I order a 700 calorie drink. It would taste good and I have the money, but that’s like a whole meal.

So what holds me accountable in the moment.

With Starbucks, it’s the rule that I can only order a Tall Black coffee. It’s just a rule for my life so when they offer me something else I can say no.

But that’s an easy one, at least for me.

What about with the harder things, like putting your phone away so you can spend time with the kids. In that case, kids are great. Tell them that you shouldn’t play with your phone and that they can put it away for you.

Give them the right to call you on the behaviour you don’t want.

They’ll do it because they want your attention.

It’s not enough to have goals. You need to have an accountability plan.

What is your plan going to be?

Have an awesome day!


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photo credit: nebowers cc