Yesterday I wrote about a micromanaging client and how to deal with them. On a related note today we’re going to talk about a client micromanaging project details.

You get yourself into this when you simply take whatever they provided you and send over a quote. That’s like a doctor moving from listening to their patient talk about what’s wrong to providing a prescription.

They did no diagnosis.

The most valuable thing you provide is a diagnosis.

So when you get a list of requirements from a prospect it’s time to start digging in.

Ask them why they want to do the work now. Why is it important? Why is it more important than something else they could be doing.

With this new information in hand, you can hit the results they want, and do it the best way you know.

Remember, you build sites or write content or design every day. You’re the one that’s best equipped to provide an awesome solution.

If you’re just taking their list of tasks and doing them, no wonder your rates are low.

You’re really not that valuable.

Have an awesome day


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photo credit: paranoidfs cc