In a sense, marketers know us better than we know ourselves. They feed on our insecurities and feelings of inadequacy. Society hijacks our passion and directs it toward material things. But nobody gets to the end of life wishing they had bought more things. – The More of Less

I’ve actually seen the quest for stuff ruin fledgeling businesses.

I had one client that landed their first few clients and went out to purchase the best MacBook Pro they could possibly purchase.

They went on vacation.

They bought a new car.

Then they got a job and spent a few months finishing off the client work they had committed to.

They killed their business buying things.

If they had waited a few months to purchase that computer or never replaced their car that worked just fine but wasn’t shiny the business would have survived.

Don’t let just a bit of success run away with your brain. It’s a long hard road to launch a business.

If you want to budget better, I recommend Profit First it’s the system I use.

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