The problem is not the technology itself, it’s how we choose to use the technology. Is it serving us or are we serving it? – In The Future, Our Attention Will Be Sold

Does your phone serve you? I know most of you are going to try and pass off a ‘yes’.

Really, when you’re with your kids at the park and you just have to reach into your pocket to check your phone. I guess if you can say ‘yes’ still, you’re better at lying to yourself than I am.

I wasn’t always so good with my phone, and at least once a week my 6-year-old still asks me what I’m doing with my phone.

Stop lying to yourself. It’s highly unlikely that your phone serves you. It’s highly likely that you serve it, and Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. Their whole job is to try and get and hold your attention.

Remember, these are the rules for your device:

  1. The phone doesn’t come into the bedroom
  2. The phone doesn’t sit on your desk
  3. Only 1 battery charge on a regular day
  4. Don’t take your phone into the bathroom. Bathroom trips take 1000% longer if you have a phone/device with you
  5. Give your kids permission to take your phone away and put it in your ‘charging’ spot
  6. Your phone lives in it’s charging spot at home
  7. Use Do Not Disturb mode and have a short, very short, list of people that get through. I have a list of 1 person, my wife.
  8. Leave your phone in the car when you visit with friends.
  9. Phone’s don’t come out at dinner out. Better yet trade phones with your spouse. The babysitter can still call but the phone you have is useless outside of being a camera.

If you’re regularly executing on this list, then you’re likely able to say ‘yes’, your phone does serve you.

Have an awesome day!


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photo credit: clement127 cc