No More Rescues

…when the Rescuer intervenes, he can create a vexing and all too pervasive performance disconnect, by depriving people of the feedback that comes from the natural consequences of mistakes. While the manager sees failure and a gap they have to step in and close, employees often see success. – Multipliers

This isn’t just for managers. This is for parents.

Jumping in to rescue your kids all the time means you fail them.

Of course, make sure they don’t get maimed, but a fall of a playground item is rarely fatal.

There is no better time for them to learn hard lessons than when they can turn to you for support.

Not letting them learn hard lessons is failing them. The next time they get to learn a lot of them is much harder because they don’t have you at home, and their adults.

If they don’t learn to manage money properly as children and teens, they get to do it when they declare bankruptcy. I’d rather have my kids spend money poorly and feel that pain as kids.

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