Vagueness allows an escape from responsibility. I can never be “wrong” about anything, because I can always claim to have been misinterpreted. – Academic Language and The Problem of Meaninglessness

How do you commit to things with your clients?

I know they may not understand every little technical detail of what’s going on.

The thing is, clients, don’t need to understand all that you do. In fact, they shouldn’t. They’re paying you so they don’t.

The problem is that so many of you waffle around with what you’re going to provide to clients. When they ask why something isn’t done you look at your proposal and find the wiggle language and say no.

Clients are annoyed because they’re not getting what they expected and you’re all happy.

But that client is never coming back. They can’t trust you.

This crosses over to your family as well. You get home from work and the kids want to hang out with you so you say ‘later’. There is no specific commitment and when it doesn’t happen and they’re disappointed you come up with some other vague reason it’s their fault.

They got ready to slow. Forget the 30-minute bathroom trip you took with your best iFriend (that’s your phone). You’ll wiggle out of the time.

Cut the wiggle language out. Take the time to be clear with your clients. Commit to your kids and your wife.

Giving yourself an excuse just ensures you’re not going to be the guy you want to be at work or at home.

Have an awesome day


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