Certainly there are seasons in life that require focused time and commitment. And we should never discourage working hard on things that matter. Unfortunately, however, most of us have become busy over all the wrong things And we have allowed false assumptions to drive our schedules. – The More of Less

Seasons, yes.

Most of you agree with the idea of a season of hard work and a season of rest. Then what happens is a season of hard work, followed by a season of harder work.

You never get back to rest. Your kids don’t really get to hang out with you. You’re not dating your spouse.

Despite all this hard work, your business really isn’t growing like you want.

So…time for more hours.

That’s a lie. More time will not mean more money. It will not mean more clients.

Only effective action that’s planned out will do that.

Stop substituting more time for effective, useful time.

What is the one thing you can do today that will bring in more clients? The one thing that will make all other client prospecting irrelevant?

Have an awesome day!


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