I love time blocking. Dedicating 3 hours in the morning to reading and writing then the afternoon for working with clients changed my business.

It can change your business as well if you’re productive during your time blocks. If you’re focused.

Simply saying that 0600 – 0900 is for your big work is one thing. The hard part is doing the work in that time without distraction.

Kick out the distractions and focus. If you’re not focused, you’re only fooling yourself with your productive time blocks. You’re fooling yourself into thinking that you’re being productive, but your bank account will reflect the reality.

What is your bank account saying about how effective you are?

My rules for being focused are:

  1. No phone where I can use it easily
  2. Block social media
  3. Clear plan and goal for what I’ll be doing with my focused time
  4. Clear routine to get focused
  5. Headphones to cut out any random distractions

Focus time isn’t easy when you get started. If you’re anything like I was, your brain is trained to be distracted because of your phone and social media. A single hour was hard at first, now three hours feels like it goes by so fast.

Have an awesome day!


PS: If you need help getting focused, book a FREE strategy session and we’ll get a plan in place.

photo credit: sayamindu cc