• How might I be shutting down your ideas and actions?
  • Do I do anything that makes you cringe?
  • Do I do anything with the best intentions that isn’t perceived that way?
  • Am I doing anything that diminishes others, even if inadvertently?

Sit down with your spouse/partner and talk through these questions.

Sit down with your business partner and talk through these questions.

Sit with your closest peers at work and talk through these questions.

Reframe them to apply to work or your parenting or … anything.

If you have had a habit of shutting people down, you’re going to need to spend some time digging in. It’s likely that your spouse/peers/partner doesn’t feel safe with honest answers to start, but you need them.

You need them so you can achieve the life/business you dreamed of.

Have an awesome day


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photo credit: julochka cc