My friend Ryan recently wrote a great article on motivation.

The truth is, motivation is hard. Sticking with a routine long enough that is truly becomes a habit is hard1.

We all know that we should exercise. We all know that we should eat right.

We know we should do more follow up with prospects.

We know we should blog. We should network.

Yet we don’t do it.

Even me, who falls strongly towards the disciplined side of the equation doesn’t do as well as you may think. At least a day a week has a huge chunk of time I’m not really pushing things forward.

The sad fact is that for many business owners they only have one day a week that’s productive which makes my schedule look amazing.

How effective is your work time? Is it as effective as you want it to be? What changes are you going to make today to hit your ideal?

Who’s going to hold you accountable?

Have an awesome day


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  1. I’m actually writing a book about change and habits. Should be out in Q1 2018.