Change is challenging enough to navigate without financial pressures. With them, it places a choke hold on your creativity and your options –Pivot

I know you want to change. You want to move from your job to that business you’ve always dreamed of.

I know that you want to pivot your niche to something new.

You want to take a risk. That’s what entrepreneurs do, they take risks and some of them pay off.

The thing is so many of you have a beast on your back. That beast is all the payments you have.

That car you just had to have. Could you put the cash down? Nope, you could afford the payments though. Now you’re sitting around looking at the anchor weighing down your dreams.

Maybe it’s your credit card with debt that’s racking up.

Maybe it’s school loans for a degree you’re not using.

Whatever it is, this anchor stops so many from embarking on their dreams. It doesn’t have to though.

Years ago I was in the same boat. We had a car payment and a little bit of credit card debt. With a focused year of effort, we paid it all off which enabled my wife to quit her job and be the full-time parent she wanted to be.

It’s enabled me to make a change in my business and focus more on coaching than development. I don’t have car payments on top of the basics.

If you’ve got that anchor, I recommend you read The Total Money Makeover and work the plan.

That’s what we used, and have helped others use to get that anchor off their lives.

Have an awesome day


photo credit: wiredforsound23 cc