Talent Magnets encourage people to grow and leave. They write letters of recommendation and they help people find their next stage to perform on. And when people leave their group, they celebrate their departures and shout their success to everyone. – Multipliers

The client you have today will not be your client forever.

We always think of us outgrowing a client. We start charging more or we specialize more. Either way, we no longer serve the client.

Sometimes clients outgrow us though.

They need 24/7 support and we can’t handle it.

They need a bunch of JavaScript work, and we really don’t know it.

Whatever may happen, the thing to do is to see them off with fanfare.

You helped them grow to this point. You have a hand in the success.

Send them on to someone you trust that can help them and celebrate their growth.

Sure you loose some revenue, but that’s minor in the realm of the referrals you have.

Others will ask this company that grew where they started, and that was with you.

Have an awesome day


photo credit: mooglet cc