If you’re hoping that the path to what you’re meant to do is going to be a straight line, you’re fooling yourself.

My path towards coaching starting with numerous jobs where my wife and I always talked about the ways we’d never treat an employee.

Then it went to higher education in counselling, which I decided not to continue through to Masters lever where I could actually be a Counsellor.

Then I built a six-figure web business and learned a bunch of hard lessons about how I shouldn’t be running a business.

Only after that, which represents more than 10 years of work and experience did coaching come into the picture.

Most grit paragons I’ve interviewed told me they spent years exploring several different interests, and the one that eventually came to occupy all of their waking (and some sleeping) thoughts wasn’t recognizably their life’s destiny on first acquaintance. – Grit

Only after getting many calls from freelancer’s asking how to negotiate contracts or be focused with their time did coaching enter my mind.

Only after lots of emails and comments on my site did I remember that all my life I’ve been the person people come to when they’re struggling with something in their life.

Even after that, my WHY has changed a bit. It’s always been something around helping people run an awesome business so they can live the life they want, but now it’s more refined.

I want to help you build a thriving business and a thriving home life. Because success at work with broken relationships is not success. It’s a waste.

Don’t be discouraged if you’re not 100% sure where you should be at. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a clear concise WHY statement.

It takes time to get there.

You can do it, put in the time and keep your mind open.

Talk to those around you that care about you. When they think of you, what do they think you’re best at?

What problems are you regularly asked to solve?

Have an awesome day!


PS: I wrote a book dealing with Mastery. It helps you decide when to stick with hard work, and when it may be off track. You can get it on Amazon.

photo credit: tormentalous cc