I want to be clear, I say I want to help you build a 6-figure business not because the 6-figures is what’s important. I don’t care about the dollars you earn, I care about the parent and husband and wife you can be.

I want you to have a business that allows you to hang out with your kids and go hiking. I want you to take a long lunch many days a week. I want you to not stress and live the life you want to live.

I’m making this clear today because I finished the Minimalism documentary and I don’t think I’ve been clear enough.

I’ve said 6-figures before and shown my income but I’m not making that this year. I’ve worked hard and changed my business and earned almost half of what I have in previous years. But I’ve read more books. I’ve written over 215k words and published 3 books.

I’ve coached more and helped people. I’ve sat on the phone with someone crying about not getting to be there for their kids. I’ve helped them change their business so they used less time to earn the same.

If the reason you read my site and are chasing money thinking I’m going to help you, you might be barking up the wrong tree.

Now I don’t have it all figured out. I still work more than I want sometimes. I don’t feel like I hiked as much as I wanted to, and my wife feels the same way.

Yes I’m on my way to cutting more so I can do more. I hope you’ll watch Minimalism. It’s on Netflix. I hope you’ll spend more time with your kids and family.

You should watch Minimalism