From You Are Buying Distractions, Your Productivity is Making a Loss

We need to make a space for thoughts by de-cluttering our space and working area. Removing all extras and distracting elements. Let it be your cell phone if that’s the case. Not forever but for the time being, you are set to perform a task, how little it could be, how fewer hours it asks for. Do all it takes to let your grey cells get the vital breathing space for them to actually get a crack at doing chores!


Working at the same time as receiving E-mails and calls cuts short any given person’s IQ by about ten points when taken in comparison with working in quietude.

I read this with only the browser open and Ulysses beside it so I can write in case something comes up. In fact, I read it the first time with Hazeover on.

This lack of distraction, lack of letting anyone have a say on my time is why I use a paper task management system. You’ll hear more about that in Q1 2018.

We’re heading into a holiday season. Put your phone down. If it’s your camera, put it in Airplane mode and just use it like a camera. Hang out with your loved ones.


Keep that reset going and put your devices away while you’re working. All the noise will be there after you’ve shipped awesome stuff.