Stop, Take a Break, And Just Think.

Mental breaks increase productivity, replenish attention, solidify memories and encourage creativity.

The first thing I put in a new notebook on reading, is what I hope to get out of the reading I’ll catalogue in the book. What topics do I feel I need to cover?How deeply should I be reading? What should I be writing about based on my reading?

My wife and I have 5 hours planned next week to think together. What does it mean to be a McHale? What does it mean to parent these children? What do we want to do as a family next year?

I’m sure we’ll talk about the business and stuff as well, but the primary goal of that time together is to talk about our family goals and build a family plan.

One of the biggest issues I see when I start coaching someone is that every minute all day is packed out with ‘stuff’. Sure, some of it is decent. Some of it is even amazing useful work.

But maybe 40% is a waste of time. It’s work to look busy and that busy work creeps into the rest of the work so that they never have any space.

Checking email bleeds into doing client work, then into family time.

There is no space and you need space. You need at least three hours a week to have a healthy business.

You can’t do your best work while moving from one jam-packed day to the next. Life is lived at such a pace today that thinking — quality, intentional thinking — doesn’t just happen.

Time to start creating space.