From Shawn Blanc on Two Goal-Setting Camps.

A goal without a system is just a dream. Something you’d love to see happen but which you’re not taking any meaningful action toward.
And a system without a goal is just a rote discipline that’s not taking you anywhere in particular.

I’m not sure which of Shawn’s camps I fall into. I create goals for 12 weeks and focus on the actions that need to happen in those weeks. I stick to three main areas that may look like this:

  1. Get Clients – which would have a bunch of outreach actions and I’d be tracking how many people I connected with
  2. Personal – not fitness related because I just run/ride/hike/climb but usually food related because I need to get better here
  3. A product – so the actions that need to happen to launch a book or something

Outside of that I have routines, like every day of the week I get up and read for an hour and write for two hours. Then I take a break and get back at work after an hour or two running or hanging out with the kids or taking a walk.

I detail that even more in my 8 Week Business BootCamp if you want to start setting better goals.

Make sure you check out Shawn’s site next Friday because he’s awesome, and I trust him when he says he’s going to drop a great approach for achieving your goals.

I know I’ll be watching it.