The difference between a great work and an idea for a great work is all the sweat, time, effort, and agony that go into engaging that idea and turning it into something real. The difference is not trivial. If great work were easy to produce, a lot more people would do it. – Perennial Seller

The difference between a hobby and a business is that same hard work.

  • the work of following up with past clients
  • of having an outreach program with prospects mapped out
  • of defining your ideal client
  • of vetting your prospects so that you ensure that only the prospects that are the best become clients
  • of focusing your time and blocking it so that you can get your awesome work done

Many of those things come down to saying NO. No to prospects that aren’t in your target market.

No to random meetings that break up your creative blocks because if you don’t defend that time then no one will.

No to your email until you’ve done something worthwhile with the start to your day.

No to social media so you can work.

Sometimes it’s no to your kids, because they’re the worst clients and don’t understand how awesome it is to have a parent at home.

If you’re not ready to do that hard work. If you’re not ready to start saying NO…

Then you’re not ready to have an awesome business and that’s okay. Not every endeavour needs to be some all fired successful business. Some things are just side projects that earn a bit of income.

Be honest with yourself about what you’re doing.

Have an awesome day!


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photo credit: evil_cheese_scientist cc