It’s a small resolution we’re gonna ask you to make that will help us make better things, for you. It will help us avoid making garbage for you. It’ll give you better things to read. And it’ll definitely give you nothing if not more choice.
And the ask is simple:
Use your browser bar.* > – Stop Reading What Facebook tells you to read

This goes on to talk about how Facebook and social media in general are all about stealing your attention. They don’t care about that great work you can do, they just want eyeballs to sell.

I first wrote about staying away from services you don’t pay for in 2012.

I won’t be using your service if you have no business model. I’m glad the product is free but I have no way of gauging your end game so I’m simply not interested no matter how cool it is.

I amend that to say that I won’t put any business critical stuff on a service I’m not paying for.

The other thing to note, in light of your value being decision, is that the algorithms bring you more content that you agree with. They reinforce your beliefs.

They encourage confirmation bias.

They build poor decision making tool in our brains.

I use Facebook as a dip in and mostly broadcast medium now. I use the groups I’m a part of1 and then I close it out.

Find the sites you love and support them. Find a few opposite your views and read them. Keep a fresh view to keep your decisions making engine primed for bringing value to clients.

  1. Which is only one that not a local hiking group.