“It was a time everyone was pressing wonderful houses on us. ‘I have a perfectly marvellous house for you to write in,’ they’d say. Of course no one needs marvellous houses to write in. I still knew that much. All you needed was one room. But somehow the next house always beckoned.” – Want To Be The Best Writer On The Planet? Do These 27 Things Immediately

Yup the title is click-bait but I really like Ryan’s writing so I’ll overlook it.

I keyed in on this quote today because of my morning. I had three kids on the bed. My 7-year-old was reading to the other two kids while I read (also see Jams Altucher in the same article) and wrote.

Then the 1-year-old fell off the bed. There was tears and so, so much blood. She split a lip and had a bloody nose.

I had 3k words to write for February on personal productivity and by the time it ended an hour less to do it. In a recently bloody room.

One hour and fifteen minutes later I looked up surprised to see 3200 words written and I was at the end of writing time.

While I dream a bit of an office that’s not in my bedroom. Specifically one that’s above a 3 bay garage (not for cars but for a climbing wall and workout room) just beside my house with windows surrounding it so I can look at the forest on my few acres of property. I don’t need that to write.

Stop wishing for the ‘ideal’ conditions and just get down to work.