We need to be alone because life among other people unfolds too quickly. The pace is relentless: the jokes, the insights, the excitements. There can sometimes be enough in five minutes of social life to take up an hour of analysis. – The Need to Be Alone

How much thinking time do you have in your week? Time to plan your business divorced from any distractions of note.

A walk in the woods because outside is so much better for you than the city. That walk is just what we need when we are overwhelmed.

If you don’t have time in your week to be quite and think, then it’s time to start building a business that allows it.

Ask yourself “What would it take to have time to get quite in my business?”

Then start taking the steps needed to put the answer to that question into practice.

Have an awesome day


PS: If you’re struggling, check out BootCamp to get things on track.

Thanks to Patrick for finding the quote at the top.

Photo by: huguesndelafleche