I love this article detailing the ideal day where everything went right. I love it because some of it is achievable every day.

You can go to bed earlier and get the rest you need.

You can decide to bury your phone in your backpack, or even leave it at home, and spend time talking to those friends in front of you.

You can have a carefully curated list of tasks that matter to you and will push your business/career forward.

It takes some intentionality and focus and more than just a little bit of willpower.

For me, part of it took my phone being bad. I couldn’t use it much because the battery died so fast and I had more chance to get deep focused work done.

It doesn’t have to take that though.

Write down the few things you’re going to do next week to make a single day closer to your ideal. If you don’t have your ideal, take a cue from the article at the top of the post, and write about your ideal day.