Countless numbers of leaders gain much of their education from on-the-job training, where they watch and mimic the behaviors of others. This has its merits, but the serious downside is that the leaders in the making aren’t necessarily learning how their mentoring leader thinks. – Paid To Think

When I was landscaping the one issue, my boss always had with me was that I asked why. I wanted to know why we did so much of the job in the way we did it.

My boss just wanted to give directions and have his people do work. No interaction past following orders.

So many bosses are like this. It’s effective at the moment to just have people follow orders.

But it means they always have to come back to you for orders. They can’t, in fact, they’re actively encouraged to not, think on their own.

Invite the why questions and explain the reasons. You’re building people, not robots.

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Photo by: clement127