Because instead of comparing me with me, I was comparing me with da Vinci, with my friend the professional illustrator, with all the artists who’d inspired me to want to start to draw. The first bar was way too high. I’d just started to jog and was beating myself up for not running a marathon in under three hours. – How to make learning to draw a whole lot easier

I get this perfectly right now as I learn to draw. I see some improvement but I’m not near creating the characters I have in my head for a comic strip.

We do this in our businesses as well. Comparing your income numbers to what someone else published they did. I’ve talked to some people with published numbers and they may or may not be real.

Note especially the three rules at the end of the post.

  1. Never compare yourself to other artists
  2. You’re making more progress than you think
  3. Everyone struggles in the beginning

I’d amend the last one though to say “everyone struggles” beginning or end has nothing to do with it.