After Brendon Burchard’s first book didn’t do as well as he hoped, he started interviewing bestselling authors to see what made them bestselling authors. He describes his findings from these authors in High Performance Habits on page 199. The first point is the crucial one:

  1. Finish writing a good book. Until that’s done, nothing else matters.

If you want to start selling plugins, finish a plugin.

If you want to start selling themes, finish a theme.

If you want to become a podcast editor, finish editing a podcast. Have one yourself if you don’t have anyone that’s willing to be the first to take a chance.

Point two is also good:

  1. If you want a major publishing deal, get an agent. Or just self-publish.

Note the second sentence. Don’t wait for permission. It’s not coming. Finish your thing and start telling people about it.

Tell people about it as you do it.

If you’re not going to finish something, stop wasting everyone’s time telling them about it.

If time for that thing isn’t on your calendar, you’re not going to finish it. If that time on your calendar isn’t sacred and can’t be moved. You’re not going to finish it.

Stop fooling yourself.

If you are going to finish it, put it on your calendar and don’t let anyone move that time. Stick to it and make forward progress.

Have an awesome day


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Photo by: clement127