We work our lives away to buy objects of luxury instead of enjoying the luxury of our time on earth. We should be yearning for free time to do what we want, not what we must. We should want time to do the things we like, not the things we dislike. Forget the desk job. Forget cleaning the house. Forget mowing the lawn or cooking dinner. If you don’t like it, the luxury of having extra money should eliminate it from your life. – Time is The Ultimate Success, Not Money

That quote reminds me of Dave Ramsey’s saying that goes something like.

“We buy things we don’t want to impress people we don’t like with money we don’t have.”

So that brings up why do you work?

Is it for the money, which you need to survive in the society we have built. Is it to help people?

I tell my kids that my job isn’t to get them to like me, it’s to build good adults. All of my endeavours and “crazy” adult requests are trying to set them up to be significant adults.

I ask again, why do you work? What is the central premise that all your actions revolve?

Mine revolve around helping you build a business that supports your life and doesn’t take every minute of every day to accomplish. Giving you space to be a good husband and father and brother and son. A good person in your community.

To help you be effective with your time and focused with your work, so you get awesome clients and exciting projects for rates that pay the bills.

Inside that is achieving all of those things for myself. Getting to got to figure skating three days a week. I want the time to hang out with my kids without “work” hanging over my head. I’m happy to say that many days of the week I am there, but I have work to do as well.

Have an awesome day


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Photo by: deejayqueue