You can never underestimate the value of thinking before taking action, especially when you’re about to invest labor, capital, time, and your reputation. – Paid To Think1

How much time are you putting aside to think about your business? To dig in deeply and make sure that your goals are the right goals for your business?

To make sure that you are not simply putting out fires, but performing the vital few most important actions each week so that you can win at work?

To make sure that your lead indicators are the right lead indicators? That they’re predicting the lag indicators you need to have to make the business viable?

Do you even know what your lead and lag indicators are?

You need to have thinking time, and learning time built into your business or your business is broken. You’re operating on pure luck, and luck doesn’t last.

2017 was a rough year for many of the people I know that build WordPress sites. Businesses closed because people weren’t purchasing their services much. People lost houses.

Their easy world of sales came crashing down. Is the gold rush of WordPress over, hardly, but the tactics that worked in years prior are not working now.

Do you have any inkling of what tactics are working now?

How are you going to figure that out?

That’s your thinking time. Your planning time. If you don’t have it, you’re building a business on hope and Hope is not a Strategy.

Have an awesome day


PS: If you’re looking to build your goals and your lead/lag indicators, look at The 8 Week Business BootCamp. It will help you build margin back into your business.

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