There are two types of qualifications for clients when they’re rooking at a service provider.

First, there are the bare minimum qualifications. What they just expect because…thats’ what it takes to do a project.

Second, are the standout qualities. The things that set you apart from the rest.

How Often The Two are Confused

Talking to many freelancers about their business, almost all of them have the two ideas confused.

Building a project on time is bare minimum.

Building a project on budget, is bare minimum.

Communicating well…bare minimum.

None of those things should set you apart. If they do, it’s only a sign that the industry is entirely broken.

Things Creep

Secondly, things creep. Some of you will remember when you could charge extra for building a responsive site. Being responsive ready, having those skills, was a differentiator.

That is no longer the case. Building your clients responsive ready themes is now the bare minimum for entry.

Your 5 Things

Take a few minutes and write down the five things that set you part from the rest. Better yet, get a colleague to do this as well or your mastermind group.

Then have someone scramble them up and see if you can tell which five belong to which member.

If you can’t tell, then you don’t know what sets you apart. I’m willing to guess that the first time you do this you won’t be able to tell what sets you apart.

So, back to the drawing board. Figure out your five again.

Have an awesome day


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